Episode 68

Eric Berger of Ars Technica joins Jake and Anthony to discuss Administrator Bill Nelson a year into his tenure and whether he’s been good or bad for NASA.

Episode 67

Chris Gebhardt joins Jake to talk about the FAA's approval of Boca-Chica.

Episode 66

Lori Garver, former NASA Deputy Administrator, champion of commercial spaceflight, and longtime space pirate, joins Jake and Anthony to discuss her upcoming book “Escaping Gravity” and to tell some stories from her incredible career.

Episode 65

Jake and Anthony catch up on the news, from Starliner’s flight to NASA’s announcement of new spacesuit contracts for ISS and lunar missions.

Episode 64

Engineer, Consultant and STEM evangelist Lauren Lyons joins Jake and Anthony to talk about her diverse career at SpaceX, Blue Origin and Firefly, and the unique and interesting paths the space industry can take you on.

Episode 63

Space potter Amy Rae Hill joins Jake to talk about making amazing space-themed pottery.

Episode 62

Astronomer and podcaster Pamela Gay joins Jake and guest host Anna from But Is Is Rocket Science to talk about all things astronomical!

Episode 61

Brian Weeden, Director of Program Planning for Secure World Foundation, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about the recent ASAT testing ban announced by Vice President Harris, and the effects the space industry has been having on the war in Ukraine.

Episode 60

Jake and Anthony talk about the best/worst/most cursed rockets of all time, why they love them so much, and why you should, too.

Episode 59

Casey Dreier, Chief Advocate and Senior Space Policy Adviser at The Planetary Society, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about the NASA budget, the recently-released decadal survey, and other space policy storylines.