Episode 54

Matt Brealey joins Jake and Anthony to talk about martian terrain data and imagery, and to go behind the scenes on his incredible creation, AreoBrowser.

Episode 53

Jake returns from LPSC 2022 and shares some stories with Anthony. #TacoGate2022

Episode 52

Anthony is joined by Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut, and Roland Miller, a photographer who has spent years documenting space hardware of all varieties. We’ll talk about Roland’s work, and go behind the scenes on his two published books (Abandoned In Place, Interior Space) and his next book (Orbital Planes) coming out this spring.

Episode 51

Scott Tilley, an amateur satellite tracker, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about tracking Chang’e-5 back to the Moon and into a Distant Retrograde Orbit, how he and the wider community of amateur satellite trackers do what they do, and what else he’s been tracking lately.

Episode 50

Michael Sheetz of CNBC and Eric Berger of Ars Technica join Anthony to talk about the latest in the finance side of space—what’s up in the world of funding, which businesses look steady and which look shaky, and of course, how you can’t spell space without SPAC.

Episode 49

Jake and Anthony talk about some (really good) changes coming to the show, Jared Isaacman’s privately-funded Gemini program, and SpaceX’s Starship…update.

Happy Hour

Rae Paoletta, Editor at The Planetary Society, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about the recent goings-on in space, stories Rae has been tracking lately, and what it’s like to guide the editorial direction of The Planetary Society.

Happy Hour

Tanya Harrison, Director of Strategic Science Initiatives at Planet, joins Jake to talk about the recent volcanic eruption in Tonga.

Happy Hour

Emily Rice, astronomer, professor, and CEO of STARtorialist, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about the story behind STARtorialist.

Happy Hour

Laura Forczyk joins Jake and Anthony to talk about her new book, Becoming Off-Worldly: Learning from Astronauts to Prepare for Your Spaceflight Journey.