A few friends, a couple of drinks, and casual conversations about space.

Catch the weekly show live on YouTube, or if you’re more of an audio person, wherever you listen to podcasts.

It’s a fun and laid-back show hosted by Jake Robins of WeMartians and Anthony Colangelo of Main Engine Cut Off, and features their friends and other esteemed special guests.


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Episode 143

Jake and Anthony are joined by journalist and author Tim Fernholz to talk about some of his recent stories on the Space Force, Kam Ghaffarian, and let’s be honest, we’ll probably get distracted by Intuitive Machine’s first lunar landing attempt.

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Episode 142 - Multivariate Disaster

Jake and Anthony are joined by Casey Dreier, Chief of Space Policy at The Planetary Society, to talk about the latest on Mars Sample Return, JPL layoffs, and everything space policy.

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Episode 141 - TRL Valley of Death

Jake and Anthony are joined by Elizabeth Frank to talk about the future of the CLPS program, JPL’s Mars-focused Commercial Services Studies, and a whole bunch more, including Elizabeth’s epic travel photos.

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