A few friends, a couple of drinks, and casual conversations about space.

Catch the weekly show live on YouTube, or if you’re more of an audio person, wherever you listen to podcasts.

It’s a fun and laid-back show hosted by Jake Robins of WeMartians and Anthony Colangelo of Main Engine Cut Off, and features their friends and other esteemed special guests.


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Episode 134

Jake and Anthony check in on Starship, New Glenn, Vulcan, CLPS and more!

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Episode 133 - I’m an Adult with a Job

Jake and Anthony are joined by photographer Andrew McCarthy to talk about his journey into astrophotography, his process, and let’s be real, to gawk at his work. And also to convince Jake to buy telescopes.

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Episode 132 - Boneless Skineater

Jake and Anthony are joined by Tom Mueller, founder, CEO, and CTO of Impulse Space and former Propulsion CTO at SpaceX. We’ll talk about what Impulse Space is up to, including their literally-just-launched first mission to space.

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Episode 131 - AAA for Science

Jake and Anthony are joined by Dr. Tanya Harrison to talk about the Earth and Planetary Institute of Canada that she—along with very-recent guest, Dr. Gordon Osinski!—founded and announced just a few weeks back.

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