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It’s a fun and laid-back show hosted by Jake Robins of WeMartians and Anthony Colangelo of Main Engine Cut Off, and features their friends and other esteemed special guests.


Episode 61 - Santa Claus is Hypersonic

Brian Weeden, Director of Program Planning for Secure World Foundation, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about the recent ASAT testing ban announced by Vice President Harris, and the effects the space industry has been having on the war in Ukraine.

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Episode 57 - Ford Taurus-Littrow

Caleb Henry of Quilty Analytics joins Jake and Anthony to talk about Amazon’s Kuipermania launch contract, and what it was like to moderate panels at the 2022 Space Symposium.

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Episode 55 - I’ve Slept on a Torpedo

Tory Bruno, CEO of United Launch Alliance, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about how he got into space, his background in engineering, the shift from engineering to management, and the future of ULA and the rest of the space industry.

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