The Off-Nominal Discord

Welcome to the Off-Nominal Discord! We’re a friendly and welcoming group of people excited about spaceflight and exploration.

This is a shared space for supporters of the Off-Nominal, WeMartians, and Main Engine Cut Off podcasts. It’s hosted by Jake and Anthony. We’re both super excited to have you here and thankful for your support.

What’s Discord?

Discord is a text-based group chat application. It’s kind of like new-age IRC, and very similar to Slack if you’ve ever used that. You can access it from a browser, through a dedicated desktop application for Mac and Windows, or through a mobile app on Android or iOS.

Discord also has voice chats, which we occasionally use for live recordings or for launch event hangouts.

How Do I Join?

Become a member of our YouTube channel for $5/month, and then connect your Discord and YouTube accounts. Reach out if you have any trouble, and we’ll help out as best we can.


  1. Don’t be mean.
    Teasing is ok. Discrimination isn’t.
  2. There are no dumb questions.
    This community values learning and debate. See rule number 1.

Questions? Feedback?

If you’ve got any questions, feedback, or anything else that needs attention, reach out to Jake, Anthony, or any of the moderators—Benjamin, Kris, Kurt, or Pat.

Or if you’d rather email us, send it to