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Episode 94

Jake and Anthony are joined by…we’re still figuring it out! Stay tuned.

Past Events

Episode 93

Jake and Anthony talk about Jake’s decision to end WeMartians, and what goes on behind the scenes of Making Stuff™.

Episode 92

Jake and Anthony talk about the state of smallsat launch and tell some stories from Anthony’s trip to Virginia to see an Electron launch (hopefully…).

Episode 91

Jake and Anthony are joined by Ben Feist, Data Visualization & Informatics Software Engineer and Historian at NASA Johnson Space Center, to talk about his work, including the amazing Apollo in Real Time experience.

Episode 90

Brendan Byrne, of WMFE and Are We There Yet?, hosts the first edition of The Off-Nominallyweds, a game to find out if Jake or Anthony knows the other one better.

Episode 89

Jake and Anthony are joined by Loren Grush of Bloomberg to talk about and predict what’s to come in space this year.

Episode 88

Jake and Anthony are joined by Miriam Kramer of Axios to talk about the weirdest and funniest space news of the year, to announce the Off-Nominees, and to crown the winner of the 2022 Off-Nominal Award.

Episode 87

Marina Koren of The Atlantic joins Jake and Anthony to talk about her recent viewing and reviewing of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Episode 86

Jake and Anthony catch up on Artemis I and everything else going on in space news lately.

Episode 85

Mat Kaplan, host of Planetary Radio for The Planetary Society, joins Jake and Anthony to talk about the 20th anniversary of the show, his upcoming retirement, and what it’s been like to cover space in this way for all those years.

Episode 84

Somehow, it’s almost time for Artemis I. Again. Yes, again.