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Past Events

Episode 152

Jake and Anthony are joined by Caleb Henry (Director of Research) and Justin Cadman (Co-CEO) of Quilty Space, to talk about their financial analysis of Starlink.

Episode 151

Jake and Anthony are joined by Eric Berger, Senior Space Editor at Ars Technica, to figure out what’s up with the Orion heat shield, SLS layoffs, commercial Mars studies, and the ISS deorbit vehicle.

Episode 150

Erin Edwards joins Jake and Anthony to talk about flying helicopters, making the leap from the military to space, and being a Canadian CAPCOM at NASA.

Episode 149

Jake and Anthony are joined by Aria Alamalhodaei, reporter at TechCrunch, to talk about valves, getting footage of Astra’s explosions, Mars Sample Return, and everything else that has been going on lately, including cursed eclipses.

Episode 148

Jake and Anthony catch up after some travels, unfortunate events, clouds, news, and hijinks.

Eclipse 2024 Meetup

Along with the Earth, Sun and Moon, we are aligning for a pre-Eclipse meetup in the Niagara region of Canada. Join Jake and fellow anomalies for a beer and meet some new friends!

The Merchant Ale House
98 St Paul St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 3M2

Episode 147

Jake is joined by Simon Stähler, a geophysicist from ETH Zürich, to talk about the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, including feelings on the ground for Mars Sample Return and the potential of Starship for planetary science.

Episode 145

Jake and Anthony are joined by Michael Sheetz, space reporter from CNBC, to talk about recent earnings calls, Rocket Lab‘s new lines of satellites, whatever Astra is up to, Starship, and…there’s way too much on our list.

Episode 144

Jake and Anthony are joined by Swapna Krishna to catch up on space science news, and to talk about her projects like Ad Astra, Stargazing, and more.

Episode 143

Jake and Anthony are joined by journalist and author Tim Fernholz to talk about some of his recent stories on the Space Force, Kam Ghaffarian, and let’s be honest, we’ll probably get distracted by Intuitive Machine’s first lunar landing attempt.