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Episode 134

Jake and Anthony check in on Starship, New Glenn, Vulcan, CLPS and more!

Past Events

Episode 133

Jake and Anthony are joined by photographer Andrew McCarthy to talk about his journey into astrophotography, his process, and let’s be real, to gawk at his work. And also to convince Jake to buy telescopes.

Episode 132

Jake and Anthony are joined by Tom Mueller, founder, CEO, and CTO of Impulse Space and former Propulsion CTO at SpaceX. We’ll talk about what Impulse Space is up to, including their literally-just-launched first mission to space.

Episode 131

Jake and Anthony are joined by Dr. Tanya Harrison to talk about the Earth and Planetary Institute of Canada that she—along with very-recent guest, Dr. Gordon Osinski!—founded and announced just a few weeks back.

Episode 130

Planetary Scientist Stefano Nerozzi joins Jake and Anthony to talk about science on Mars, from Sample Return to mapping Mars’ Ice!

Episode 129

Jake and Anthony are joined by Dr. Gordon Osinski from the University of Western Ontario and member of the Artemis 3 Geology team which will develop surface science plans for the first lunar EVAs since Apollo.

Episode 128

Jake and Anthony are joined by Stephen Hackett, co-founder of Relay FM and fellow space nerd, to talk about the ever-present SLS drama of the day, how Relay’s St. Jude fundraiser went, and partake in the first Terrible Space Movie Review Show™ in which we try to convince Stephen to watch our favorite of a bad batch of movies we watched.

Episode 127

Jason Davis of The Planetary Society makes his long-awaited return, to hang out with Jake and Anthony and talk about Psyche, OSIRIS-REx, solar eclipses, and surely a bunch of other stuff, too.

Episode 126

Jake and Anthony are joined by Brendan Byrne, of WMFE and Are We There Yet?, to talk about watching spaceships return to Earth, talking to astronauts, a change of leadership at Blue Origin, and what’s been up in the Florida space scene of late.

Episode 125

Jake and Anthony are joined by Alec Maestas, OSIRIS-REx Systems Engineer and Real-Time Operations, to talk about the asteroid sample return mission on the eve(ish) of sample arrival.

Episode 124

Jake and Anthony check in on human spaceflight with a bit of a roundup—Axiom-3, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, SpaceX, and more.