Episode 84

Somehow, it’s almost time for Artemis I. Again. Yes, again.

Episode 83

Photographer Roland Miller returns to the show to talk to Jake and Anthony about his newest book—The Space Shuttle: A Mission-by-Mission Celebration of NASA's Extraordinary Spaceflight Program—coming out next week.

Episode 82

With Jake away, Swapna Krishna and Caleb Henry join Anthony for a very Philadelphia-themed episode.

Episode 80

Ben Brockert joins Jake and Anthony to tell stories from his various adventures in the space industry.

Episode 79

Anthony took a trip to Pittsburgh to visit Astrobotic this week, and he’s back to talk about it with Jake.

Episode 78

Jake and Anthony are joined by Kristin Fisher of CNN to talk about Artemis I, and the coverage out there in the world in all the places us space nerds aren’t.

Episode 77

Jake and Anthony are joined by Matthew Russell of the The Interplanetary Podcast to talk about his trip to French Guiana to commentate the first launch of Vega C.

Episode 76

Jake and Anthony are joined by Rae Paoletta, Editorial Director at The Planetary Society, to tell some stories from their trip to Artemis 1, the Off-Nominal meetups, and Rae’s encounter with a snake owner, licensed in the state of Florida.

Episode 75

Jake and Anthony are joined by Emily Calandrelli, speaker, writer, and Emmy-Nominated Host of Emily's Wonder Lab, to talk about the Brooke Owens Fellowship, which is just about to start recruiting the next class of students, and everything else she is up to lately.

Episode 74

With just a single weekend remaining between us and Artemis 1, Jake and Anthony pregame the launch, mission, and meetups, and talk about the Artemis program overall.