We raised almost $35,000 for Black Girls Code and the Banneker Institute!

Thanks to your generous contributions, we’ve made a significant impact on two organizations working hard to bring racial equity to STEM and space.

Our month-long campaign finished with $34,386.42 raised, including the matching funds provided by Jake, Anthony, Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut, and two anonymous listeners.

You can hear our original announcement of this initiative, our mid-campaign update, our episode with the founder of the Banneker Institute, John Johnson, and our discussion of the final results with Richard Garriott.

Thank you all so much for donating, and a huge thanks to the incredibly generous matchers, and to all of you for working with us on this!

Black Girls Code

BGC empowers girls of colour ages 7 to 17 to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology. Code plays such an integral role in both aerospace engineering and science that it’s hard to overestimate how important organizations like BGC is.

Listeners donated $7,398.70, which was matched with $14,010.72, for a total of $21,409.42!

Banneker Institute

Banneker provides ten-week summer research and study experiences to undergraduate students of colour to prepare them for graduate programs in astronomy. As one of the least diverse of the sciences, anything we can do to give underrepresented peoples an edge will pay off.

Listeners donated $3,444, which was matched with $9,533, for a total of $12,977—enough to sponsor an entire student’s membership!