Episode 102 - Does Anyone Need SRBs?

Anthony is joined by Eric Berger of Ars Technica and Matthew Russell of the The Interplanetary Podcast to talk about Starship, the future of European spaceflight, and the Artemis II crew.

Announcement: Off-Nominal and MECO Live Shows at Space Symposium 2023

More details coming soon, but Anthony will be at Space Symposium 2023 and will be hosting MECO and Off-Nominal live at the Redwire booth on April 18 and 19. We’ll have wonderful guests such as Lori Garver, Peter Beck, Masami Onoda, Karina Drees, Loren Grush, Michael Sheetz, Jacqueline Feldscher, and more to be named soon! Come hang out, watch some live shows, and say hello to Anthony in real life.


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